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Re: [leafnode-list] Files for newsgroups

Hy Phil,

do you know Webmin? If not you certainly should have a look at it
(http://www.webmin.com). If yes do you have thought about writing a
webmin module instead of a standalone program? There exists a tutorial
for writing webmin modules at www.webmin.com and also a webmin modules
writers help at http://www.niemueller.de. Webmin has the huge
advantage that it supports SSL encryption. Anybody who uses leafnode
for more than one machine has certainly some other services running on
the server and therfore webmin would be the ideal tool to administrate
all services with a browser!

Only my 2 Cent!


phil hunt wrote:
> I've looked at it, & I'm in two minds as to what to do. Originally
> I planned a GUI-based tool (one of Tk/GTK/KDE or perhaps all three:-))
> but now I am more thinking of a web-based solution.
> I'm assuming that leafnode is being used by two main groups of people:
> 1. people with a single machine that the connect to the net with
> a modem/xDSL etc, and use leafnode because it makes an online newsreader
> into an offline newsreader
> 2. small networks of c. 10 machines, that use leafnode because it's
> less hassle than INN.
> People doing (1) would be equally happy with either solution (assuming
> they have a local web server set up; I would guess that most of these
> users are using Linux and most distros come with Apache working out
> of the box).
> People doing (2) will probably prefer a web solution -- particularly
> if the client machines run Windows or MacOS.

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