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[leafnode-list] CygWin and leafnode


I'm trying to get leafnode (and associated tools) [1.9.9] to compile under
CygWin [B20], on my pesky little Win98 machine.

[It's all running fine on the linux box, but I thought I'd see if I could
get Win98 to play ball]

I've got the code compiling (had to hack out a few user ID activities from
the code, add in some <getopt.h> includes, and play with the timezone
stuff), and it seems to be ok.

I run fetchnews, it starts, opens a connection to the server, and drags
down the newsgroups.  However, once it appears to complete, it crashes the
Win98 kernel dll.

I suspect the kernel crash is due to a crash within CygWin, but, it appears
to be set off by the closing down of the fetchnews code.

If I ctrl-c during the fetchnews operation, I get the same crash.

The leaf.node directory is left with a groupinfo.new file (incomplete) and
an empty server.domain.cc file.

I suspect that the groupinfo.new file is incomplete because it's not been
closed correctly, not because fetchnews didn't manage to suck down the
complete contents of the newsgroups list.

Anyway, a long intro, to a short question, has anyone else had any
experience of compiling leafnode under Win98 (or NT) using CygWin.

Or, has anyone got another compiler which can generate a Win98 binary from
the leafnode source?

Thanks for any info :)

Tony Evans
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