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Re: [leafnode-list] Files for newsgroups

On Mon, 14 Feb 2000, Dirk Dettmering wrote:
> Hy Phil,
> do you know Webmin? 

I do now :-)

> If not you certainly should have a look at it
> (http://www.webmin.com). If yes do you have thought about writing a
> webmin module instead of a standalone program? There exists a tutorial
> for writing webmin modules at www.webmin.com and also a webmin modules
> writers help at http://www.niemueller.de. Webmin has the huge
> advantage that it supports SSL encryption. Anybody who uses leafnode
> for more than one machine has certainly some other services running on
> the server and therfore webmin would be the ideal tool to administrate
> all services with a browser!

Unfortunately webmin is Perl-based. Perl is not exactly my favourite

Instead I will be writing leafwa ("Leafnode web administration") in PHP.
My understanding is that most linux distros come with Apache and mod-php.

I'll put a (non-working) demo of some of the screens up tomorrow.

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