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Re: [leafnode-list] Files for newsgroups

On 12-Feb-00 phil hunt wrote:
> People doing (1) would be equally happy with either solution (assuming
> they have a local web server set up; I would guess that most of these
> users are using Linux and most distros come with Apache working out
> of the box).

Whenever I see phrases like that, the alarm bells in my head marked
'embrace and extend' start ringing..  :-(

Please remember, Linux is just a subset of the whole Unix world (OK, this
isn't *pedantically* correct), and leafnode does run on a fair number
of Unixen..

For example, I'm running it under FreeBSD..

Let's not start doing anything that reduces the portability of code

The Unix world has a great tradition of sharing code between the differnent
variants, let's keep it that way :-)

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