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Re: Re: [leafnode-list] posting fails


> Nick Drage wrote:
> > Sorry, can anyone explain why these entries mean that posting fails,
> > and where the problem lies - thanks.
> For some reason the upstream server is unable to accept your posting.

Thanks for this.  That's what I thought but I wanted to be sure,
unfortunately I don't understand NNTP conversations as well as I should.

> > Feb 22 02:04:25 puter fetchnews[788]: >POST^M
> > Feb 22 02:04:25 puter fetchnews[788]: <340 send article to be posted.
> > End with <CR-LF>.<CR-LF>
> > Feb 22 02:04:25 puter fetchnews[788]: >.^M
> Here fetchnews waits for an acknowledgment that the posting has been
> received. If the upstream server hangs, fetchnews will hang as well.

I realise that this isn't essentially fetchnews's problem.  But would it
be a Good Thing if there was a way for Fetchnews to bail out of this
connection after a set period of time, especially as being unable to post then stops
the subsequent download of new news, plus it's a scary thought on metered
internet access.

I'm presuming that this isn't the timeout that's already in the
configuration file, that's just for the initial connection IIRC.

Note I'm running Leafnode 1.9.7 ( haven't upgraded as hoping to get new
laptop with new job in a couple of weeks )

If email began the decline of proper english usage,
then SMS finished the job ;)

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