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Re: [leafnode-list] Fetch taking an incredibly long time

On Tue 22 Feb, Cornelius Krasel wrote:
> Wookey wrote:
> > I have been using leafnode for a couple of years here, starting with
> > v1.4, and upgrading to v1.9.2 and then 1.9.4.
> The latest version is 1.9.10. Please upgrade and find out whether your
> problems go away.
> If not, it would be necessary to provide a debug log. I have the
> feeling that 1.9.4 is not properly talking to your news server
> (this has been known to be a problem with news.demon.co.uk for
> some time).

OK. I downloaded and compiled and installed v1.9.11 - no probs. Running
it still hung at the 'connecting...' point as before, so I turned on
debugging to get a log, and this time it worked OK, and for several more
fetches, so now I've turned debuggin off and things still appear to be
working fine.

So, it appears that either one run of the new version, or turning on
debugmode cleared the problem? Anyway I'm satisfied for now. If it
breaks again in a few months I now know how to get a proper debug log...


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