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after having used leafnode for some time successfully (version 1.9.9 on a SuSE
6.2. system with emacs-gnus as newsreader) I ran into strange problems which
make my newssystem unusable for the moment. The appearance of these problems
coincided with a recompilation of my kernel, but since all of my system is
running smoothlessly i cannot imagine how this can affect leafnode, but i
thought maybe it is worth mentioning. The exact problems I observe have been
mentioned on this list, according to the archives by Tim Williams on Fri, 3 Dec
1999 , but his post does not seem to have been answered. Maybe someone has met
these problems in the meantime:

I have delaybody activated. After I mark the bodies for downloading
(getting the standard message about he article being marked for download) in gnus 
and start fetchnews the next time, I try to find the bodies in gnus, but
the result is unpredictable. some articles show up but under subject lines
not related to there body, other articles whose bodies should have been
downloaded do not show up, instead I get the
message about the article _already_ being marked for download. I studied the
about of fetchnews with the -vvv flag and realized something strange:

when fetchnews tells
Getting bodies of marked messages for group comp.os.linux.advocacy ...

sometimes after fetching the article it tells about storing it, as in

comp.os.linux.advocacy: BODY <891qps$gic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
storing <891qps$gic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>: comp.os.linux.advocacy
.as article 381 in comp.os.linux.advocacy

but very often it does not as in:

Getting bodies of marked messages for group news.software.nntp ...
news.software.nntp: marked bodies 4
news.software.nntp: BODY <91fu88.q11.ln@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
news.software.nntp: BODY <kqnu88.k9h.ln@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
news.software.nntp: BODY <if0v88.lo.ln@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
news.software.nntp: BODY <38B29530.6BF30583@xxxxxxxxx>

In this latter example the four marked bodies do not show up at all, instead I
get in gnus

"This message has already been marked for download" 

and each time I run "fetchnews -vvv" the same four bodies are mentioned without 
showing ever up.

Can it be that there is a problem with by ISP's nntp-server? I do not think so
since I ran tin on my ISP's nntp-server directly and it seemed to work all

Thank you for your help. I like the idea of leafnode and I hope not to have to
switch to INN :-)

By the way, I downgraded to 1.9.4, then upgraded to 1.9.11 for testing, but I
ran into the same problems which each version.


Michael Totschnig, 5341 rue St.Urbain, Montréal (Qc) H2T 2W8, Canada
PGP/GPG-Public-Key: http://www.er.uqam.ca/nobel/d364101/pgp.shtml

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