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Re: [leafnode-list] Fetch taking an incredibly long time

Wookey wrote:
> No, that's why I asked 'what happens at the point where it says
> 'connecting to server news.blah'?' (in the stdout output) in my first
> email.

Fetchnews tries to establish a connection to your upstream server.
When the connection is established, it says "connected". Only after
that fetchnews is able to exchange information with the upstream

When getting newsgroup, "fetchnews -v" says (dependent on whether it is
getting the new newsgroups only or all newsgroups):
"Getting new newsgroups from server.name" or
"Getting all newsgroups from server.name"
and then proceeds to checking the newsgroups, which is indicated by
saying "Read server info from ..." (only if fetchnews is invoked with


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