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Re: [leafnode-list] .overview files are not updated

Hi Cornelius,

> > The problem first showed last Monday; I lost the connection to my ISP
> > while downloading new articles with fetchnews. I didn't restart
> > fetchnews, and instead just reconnected; fetchnews continued to run, but
> > after it was done, it seemed like most articles from the newsgroups I am
> > subscribed to had vanished, including a large number of unread ones.
> Sounds like wierd numbering of articles.
> To rebuild overview files, just delete them. They will be automatically
> rebuilt the next time they are requested (either by fetchnews, texpire,
> the nntpd or applyfilter).

That did indeed help; it looks all articles are available again. Thanks
for your help! *big hug*
> The segfaulting stuff sounds ugly. I'll have a look if I have time.

The first time I ran fetchnews after the overview files were deleted, I
experienced a segfault again; that was yesterday, but it has been
running flawlessly at least half a dozen times since then.
> --Cornelius.
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