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Re: [leafnode-list] Exchange Server

Holger Repp wrote:

> i want to connect to Leafnode with the Newsfeed Connector of a
> Exchange-Server.
> Exchange is configured as follows:
> Only incoming News.
> Remote-USENET-Hostname: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
> The error is: 
> >>>
> Auf den Newnews-Befehl von Server Newsfeed news.sbsd.de (PPAC1) wurde
> eine
> Fehlermeldung geliefert. Der Antwortcode war 500. Die
> Pull-Feed-Verbindung
> wurde abgebrochen.
> <<<
> (sorry for writing in german, but this was the original error message.

Apparently the MS Exchange Server can only retrieve News by using the
NEWNEWS command. Leafnode does not support this command yet.

Since I have never played with an Exchange server, I wonder whether
this server could retrieve news by any other means.


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