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Re: [leafnode-list] Fetchnews Problem

On Sun, Mar 26, 2000 at 05:59:12PM -0800, Jeff Grossman wrote:
> What is the bug?  Lets make sure Cornelius knows about it, so he can get it
> in 1.9.12.

Rest assured, he knows about it. It's probably the main reason
for 1.9.12. 

The problems were the following:

- fetchnews -f entered every group as new in the groupinfo file
- fetchnews -f reset the low and high water mark to 1
- nntpd didn't honor the optional GMT in the NEWGROUPS command.
  It still doesn't recognize 'gmt' or mixed case. It would be
  handy to have something like a 
  strcasestr( const char * haystack, const char * needle ), but 
  it obviously doesn't exist. I know, it's easy to write, but 
  this patch was intended to be a quick fix for a user having 
  problems with slrn. Anyway, all clients I know send only upper 
  case commands, so it's probably not a real problem, though a 
  violation of the RFCs.


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