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Re: [leafnode-list] Posting news

Jan Knutar wrote:

> I've had 'complaints' from upstreams that I'm posting duplicate
> messages. What I think is happening is that leafnode posts all outgoing
> messages to all the servers I've configured.

Who complained? Software (this may happen) or some human?

Reason for software complaints:

It is intentional that fetchnews will post a posting to all servers
that it can find (because if the connectivity of one server is poor,
this will enhance the reliability of posting). To avoid sending all
postings to all servers, fetchnews tries first to determine whether
a posting with a certain message id is already present in the upstream
spool. For this purpose, fetchnews uses the STAT command because it
generates the least traffic (only one line of text has to be
transmitted). Unfortunately it turned out that there is a quite large
number of newsservers which have faulty implementations of STAT.
Therefore, Leafnode may try to send a posting with POST to a server
which is already there. This will result in an error message of the
upstream server which Leafnode will faithfully log; but you will not
generate any duplicates. In other words, if your problem is just an
entry in a logfile, just don't worry about it.

If you actually managed to generate any duplicates, I would be curious
to see the message IDs of those.

> Also, I've noticed that sometimes after fetchnews has finished, there
> are still posts in out.going. I don't know if this has got anything to
> do with the above problem.

Hmm... I don't think this should happen.


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