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[leafnode-list] already available upstream?


After changing ISP's, i seem to have a problem when i try to post:

1.9.11: verbosity level is 4
Trying to connect to news.cablewanadoo.nl ... connected.
1466-954250896-1 already available upstream
Getting new newsgroups from news.cablewanadoo.nl

After this, leafnode fetches the news just fine.
It seems that i'm trying to post an article which already exists upstream.
Now i tried this with both Tin (my regular newsreader), and Pan (gnome) because
i wasn't really sure what generated the article number, the newsreader, or
Leafnode, but i get this error(?) over and over again.

I also tested posting with Forte Agent on a windows machine on the LAN which
worked just fine.

Any ideas on what's going on here?



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