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[leafnode-list] Automatic posting [slightly OT]

[slightly OT]

I'm thinking of trying to make some sort of arrangement that would post
a faq automatically every week.

Is it possible to just 'drop' some files into
/var/spool/news/out.going, and assume that fetchnews will post it?
Is it ok if the filename is just faq and not the load of numbers that
leafnode names the files?

I guess the files would have to contain headers. So far so good...
The message id... I have to use a different for each post, or else
the posts wouldn't be accepted, right? Can the ID be anything?

Then I'd have to include a supersede: header. I should put the
message-id of last weeks faq there, right? OTOH, that starts to exceed
my sh skills...

Does anyone have a faq-posting script already that's compatible with

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