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Re: [leafnode-list] [ANNOUNCE:] leafnode-1.9.12

Joerg Dietrich wrote:

> age = mktime( &timearray ) + (strstr( arg, "GMT" ) ? 0 : ltime->tm_gmtoff);
> Compiles and finally does what I intended. Sorry for the hassle.

Would the original line then be

age = mktime( &timearray ) - (strstr( arg, "GMT" ) ? 0 : timezone);

The reason I ask is that I want to have a fallback on old libc's which
don't provide tm_gmtoff; i.e. the code looks at the moment like the

    age = mktime( &timearray ) + (strstr( arg, "GMT" ) ? 0 : ltime->tm_gmtoff );
    age = mktime( &timearray ) - (strstr( arg, "GMT" ) ? 0 : timezone);

(HAVE_GMTOFF is defined by ./configure.)

> Unfortunately I found one more problem: leafnode doesn't compile
> under OSF/1 because it lacks snprintf(3).

Well, in that case we have to include an snprintf() in miscutil.c. It
would be nice to have the BSD sourcecode since it doesn't require the
GPL. Where can I download the source of a BSDish version of the libc?


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