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Re: [leafnode-list] [ANNOUNCE:] leafnode-1.9.12

I suggested formatting to a bigbuf only because
- it might be possible to know that leafnode never needed
  more than 16K (or soemthing) in such a buffer
- I didn't know about good public implementations
- I thought it would be too hard to do it right

If one can use some public implementation that never overflows
its buffer, that is certainly much, much preferable.

In another note, someone suggested sending a KILL signal,
as would be done by
     kill -9 (pid)
I am vehemently opposed to that.  Too many people use SIGKILL
as a first resort instead of a last resort.  The problem is
that programs can't catch that signal.  Thus, if it has a
crucial file open and partially modified, then a KILL kills it
instantly, possibly leaving the file in an inconsistent state.

If leafnode keeps a signal handler around to cleanly terminate,
then KILL should definitely not be used.

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