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Re: [leafnode-list] [ANNOUNCE:] leafnode-1.9.12

Joerg Dietrich <joerg@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> age = mktime( &timearray ) - (strstr( arg, "GMT" ) ? gmtoff() : 0 );

Somebody will come about with "UTC", "+0000", "0000", "-0000" or "UT"
(not all of them being correct, but can be observed) or just a missing
time zone specification. Why all that fuzz with time zones? Why in hell
mess with ALPHABETIC time zones? Numeric "timezones" - i. e. offsets -
in Date: headers are there for a reason, check RFC 1123 for
details. Convert all that cruft to UTC internally and get rid of most
problems except for properly parsing alphabetic time zones.

German local time is +0200 BTW, so that 11:53:15 +0200 (CET DST) is
really 09:53:15 +0000 (UTC).

Matthias Andree

                Where do you think you're going today?

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