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[leafnode-list] 1.9.11: article numbers (for some groups) have been reset to 2. Help!

To access Usenet, I am running Leafnode-1.9.11 and tin-1.4.0 on a Linux
system. I don't run texpire (I'm working on a program to enable me to
remove unwanted articles regardless of their age :-), so some of my spool
directories have many thousand articles in them, the largest currently
having 14663 articles.

On Monday (3rd April) when I started "fetchnews -vvv" as usual:

(i) It reported "Getting all newsgroups from <servername>", and took some
time downloading the list of newsgroups. Presumably this was triggered by
the "timeout_active = 90" setting in the config file;

(ii) Whilst fetching articles from each of the FIRST THREE (out of six)
currently active newsgroups, several thousand spurious messages were
output like this:

..as article 1093 in <newsgroup>
..as article 1094 in <newsgroup>
..as article 1095 in <newsgroup> 

and so on, with increasing article number. I am not sure what the first
such spurious article number was, nor the last such number. I believe
that those number were the same as the the article numbers currently in
my spool;

(iii) The articles which were fetched for each of these three newsgroups
were given article numbers 2, 3, 4, ...... rather than the expected
15302, 15303, ....etc.;

(iv) Articles from the other three active groups were read normally.

I have run fetchnews several times since this happened. In the three
affected groups, the article numbers being given to new articles continue
to increment from the very low numbers (43, 44, 45,....) rather than
being given the correct numbers (15302, 15303, ....). 

tin doesn't mark these articles as unread, which is inconvenient.

QUESTIONS: What is going to happen when the increasing article numbers
(43, 44, 45, ....) collide with existing articles? In one group, the
lowest article number is around 150 :-(

Is there some quick fix I can do to set the current article number back
to what it should be?

Many thanks in advance for the help!

Alan Mackenzie (München)

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