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Re: [leafnode-list] 1.9.11: article numbers (for some groups) have been reset to 2. Help!

On Thu, Apr 06, 2000 at 06:47:22PM +0000, Alan Mackenzie wrote:
> >> tin doesn't mark these articles as unread, which is inconvenient.
> >This is strange but tin-1.4.0 has some other bugs as well. Try
> >1.4.2.
> tin presumably records in it's .newsrc that all articles below a certain

You're right. I read "read" where you wrote "unread".

> >> Is there some quick fix I can do to set the current article number back
> >> to what it should be?
> >Run texpire. If you do not want to delete anything set expire to
> >some astronomical value.
> This didn't restore the high water mark to what it should be. Presumably
> texpire only does this in a group when it has just removed old articles
> from that group.

Actually it should update the groupinfo in any case, IIRC (I
happen to know the 2.0ax much better than 1.9.x these days).

> Can I fix my problem simply by manually editing the high water mark of
> the affected newsgroups in the file leaf.node/groupinfo? Or are there
> other files which would also need changing to maintain consistency?

Just edit the groupinfo.

> If I want to "correct" the article numbers, I know I have to do these
> three things for each affected article: (i) change the article file name
> from, say, "43" to "15375"; (ii) Change "43" in the article's Xref:
> header to "15375"; (iii) Change the article number in the pertinent
> .overview file.

(iii) is not necessary. You may just delete the .overview. It
will be regenerated the next time you read that group. This,
however, may take some seconds if you have a really large spool.

> the sorting key? Are there any other files which need changing? Is there
> any reason why I should want to restore these article numbers?

If not seeing these articles in tin doesn't bother you, no.


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