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Re: [leafnode-list] 1.9.11: article numbers (for some groups) have been

Alan Mackenzie wrote:
> tin presumably records in it's .newsrc that all articles below a certain
> number have already been read, and it doesn't check for new articles
> below that limit when it connects to a news server. Or something like
> that.


> Can I fix my problem simply by manually editing the high water mark of
> the affected newsgroups in the file leaf.node/groupinfo?


> If I want to "correct" the article numbers, I know I have to do these
> three things for each affected article:
> (i) change the article file name from, say, "43" to "15375";


> (ii) Change "43" in the article's Xref: header to "15375";

Not absolutely necessary except if you need any features implemented by
this header (e.g. automatic "marked as read")

> (iii) Change the article number in the pertinent .overview file.

Just delete the .overview file. It will be rebuilt when it is required.


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