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[leafnode-list] Fetcnews halts while fetching news

Argh! I did it in the subject line too... sheesh

I mean fetchnews ... NOT fetchmail, wich I no longer have any problems

Another question: I edited the config file /etc/leafnode/config and
changed the maxfetch to 50 just to see if it was possible to make a
complete run, it was possible! Ok, I changed it back to 10000, but
fetchnews reported no new messages... Now I know, that there's just about
a ton of messages, that I still need (I have them in Agent on my Windoze
box) so how do I get around this? I tried the -f option, but that would
only refresh the groups lists.

Btw. I run fetchnews with -n and -vvv on a redhat 6.1 with kppp as dialer
(for the moment) I use root to run fetchnews.


On Tue, 18 Apr 2000, John Jensen wrote:

> I'm experiencing problems while fetching news.
> Fetchmail halts after a (seemingly) random number of news, a situation I
> can only resolve by breaking it, kill the ppp connection, and then retry.
> Anyone have an explenation for this?
> Regards
> John

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