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Re: [leafnode-list] Fetchmail halts while fetching news

On Wed, 19 Apr 2000, Mark Brown wrote:

> Even so, the fact that you have to dink the network configuration to get
> Leafnode to work again makes it seem likely that some problem with the
> network is creating trouble for Leafnode[1].  Do you have any problems with
> other applications (fetchmail for example)?
Well, the connection is still alive when it happens, I've tried running
fetchmail, which I have no problems with at all, after fetchnews halts,
and it works. I have however a few times experienced that the "ppp daemon
died unexpectedly" Am going to try something else than kppp since it is an
X application, and I need one that'll run from a script.

> There's a suggestion that you should try lowering the MRU and MTU in the
> fetchmail FAQ.  It suggests (without explanation) using a value of 552.
> I'm blissfully unaware of how you'd do that in KPPP, but the relevant
> options for pppd are "mru 552" and "mtu 552".

I'm sorry for being such an ignorant:) But what's MRU and MTU?

> [1] In fact, the close link option in KPPP is probably implemented as 
>     "kill <pid>" :-) .



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