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[leafnode-list] Article limit for each group


I am using leafnode as news server for my home PC, but I have some problems 
with the article limit.

I have set it in the config file, but after some weeks of use, I see that
this limit for some groups was low. Since I don't want to increase the article 
limit for all the groups (there is just 2/3 groups where I wnat to skip the 
limitation) I start to think how can be to add a differential article limit.

The basic idea is to fix a global article limit (as now) and leave to
the user to possibility to add a different limit for each group he likes.


maxfetch = 100
it.comp.os.dibattiti = 200
comp.os.linux.development.apps = 300

I see that there is the possibility to set different expire times for 
groups but nothing about this.

Before I start to write the code to do this (I think to the fetchnews program)
I want to ask if:

- there is someone that is already work on this item, 
- it can be interesting for someone else.
- it is possible without writing code with leafnode ver. 1.9.9



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