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[leafnode-list] Re: local postings

otr <o.rousseaux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> When a message goes in the out.going directory, I see the following
> header:
>  Path: my_computer.my_domain_name!nobody
> . but my_domain_name and my_computer are private.
> Is it possible to hide those data and have in this header for
> example only :
>  Path: not-for-mail
> Thank you for your reading of my poor English.

Your poor English is much better than mon mal Francais ...

I had a similar problem.  I had
    From: tmcd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
and I wanted it to be
    From: tmcd@xxxxxxxx
-- my Internet Service Provider, which people can reach, instead of
my personal machine, which is not registered.

I have a shell script that I use to receive and send news.  It does
several things before fetchnews.  One thing it does is "cd" to
out.going and edit each file.  It is something like
  (cd /newsspool/out.going    # where it lives on my computer
    for f in *; do
        sed -e 's/^From: tmcd.*/From: tmcd@xxxxxxxx/' $f > t
        mv t $f

I don't know whether it will work for "From " instead of "From:", but
I think it will.

Tim McDaniel is tmcd@xxxxxxxx; if that fail,
    tmcd@xxxxxxxxxx is my work account.
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