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Re: [leafnode-list] fetch problem

On Wed, Apr 26, 2000 at 07:16:32PM +0200, Patrice Pillot wrote:

> Apr 26 07:28:53 hloth fetch[259]: >LIST ACTIVE^M  
> Apr 26 07:28:53 hloth fetch[259]: <215 NewsGroups Follow 

> And then it hangs. Shouldn't it say LIST NEWSGROUP instead of LIST ACTIVE ?

No - LIST ACTIVE is correct.  The newsgroups file maps newsgroup names
onto descriptions (eg, local.general => "local discussions") while the
active file lists the groups the server carries.  Groups can easily be
absent from the newsgroups file.

> Simple as the doc is, I didn't find anything that could help. I'm really stuck.

Have you checked that there is traffic coming down the link?  When you
say "hangs", how long do you leave it?  If there's traffic it could just
be taking quite some time to download the active file - they tend to be
rather large (the active file on the news server I run is about 2.5 Mb
for ~30,000 groups).

> Oh ! I'm running leafnode 1.6.2 on a debian slink (2.1) if this matters.

1.6.2 is extremely old and rather buggy.  I'd recommend upgrading to a 
more recent version - if this is a bug in Leafnode it may well have been
fixed since 1.6.2 was current.  The latest version is 1.9.13.

I've built some more recent packages and uploaded them to 
ftp://ftp.tardis.ed.ac.uk/users/broonie/debian but they might be a 
few versions out of date (I can't just rebuild my packages from unstable
since I changed to using the new configuration management system).  
These packages come with my ususal "no testing" guarentee - I've never 
actually tried installing them myself, much less using them.  Then again,
nobody complained yet either.

Even if you want to stick with the Slink release, make sure you've got
the most recent version of that (1.6.2-3) since there is a Y2K bug in
the version Slink shipped with.  That package can be obtained from
ftp.debian.org and mirrors thereof.

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EUFS        http://www.eusa.ed.ac.uk/societies/filmsoc/

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