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Re: [leafnode-list] Problem posting to multiple upstream servers

Mark Brown wrote:

> A Debian user has noticed a slight problem with posting to multiple
> upstream servers.  The problem is that if several of them offer a given
> group but some don't permit posting to that group (but do permit some
> other posting or otheriwise give a 200 rather than 201 greeting)
> Leafnode will always fail to post to that group and dump the articles
> into failed.postings.

Usually, the posting should get posted anyway *and* appear in failed.postings.
Fetchnews tries to deliver the posting to every server which gives an
initial 200 response. Some newsgroups may be inaccessible for posting
despite this response, and in that case fetchnews will link the
posting from out.going to failed.postings (but not remove it from
out.going; therefore it will try to post it on subsequent servers as
well). Articles are only unlinked from out.going after all servers have
been contacted which results in what I have described in the first
sentence above.

Personally, I don't think that this is something to bother much about.
In fact, I run a daily cron job which does nothing except moving
everything from failed.postings to out.going again. When the next
fetchnews instance runs, it will recognize that articles are available
upstream already and silently remove these from out.going (provided
that STAT works on your upstream server as described in the RFC).


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