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Re: [leafnode-list] Problem posting to multiple upstream servers

Joerg Dietrich wrote:

> I think that multiple injections should be abolished for simple
> technical reasons. It is unavoidable that moderators get dupes if
> you post an article to a moderated via several servers.

Hm. I haven't tried this yet. Probably I should (after all I have my
very own moderated group to play around with :-). I only know that the
moderation bot that we use for de.comp.os.unix.linux.moderated
will filter out duplicate messages (as recognized by Message-ID).
The only dupes that we have been getting there was through multi-

OTOH, news is not a very reliable medium. For example, locally I had
the problem for several months that messages into any alt.* group
would just not be propagated further (i.e. they were appearing on the
university's news server but would not travel). I complained several
times, but it took a considerable while before the news made it out
again. I have never been told what the problem was. This incident was
actually the reason for me to build posting to multiple servers into

In any case, Leafnode should probably be made aware of moderated
newsgroups and treat them specially. But that is something that has
yet to be implemented.

> This is not only annoying for the moderator but might leade to dupes
> in the newsgroup if the moderator doesn't notice this and rewrites
> the message id as it done in cola for example.

In my opinion, a message id should NEVER be rewritten. If somebody does,
(s)he has to bear the consequences.

(Now let's see whether leafnode-list still generates these funny bounces...)


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