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[leafnode-list] Questions about N.C.newsreader working with Leafnode

I use (at present) Netscape Communicator V. 4.7 as newsreader and I experiment
the following problems :

1/ Path header
Can I set the Path header and how ?

2/ With the "Edit/Search Message" command, I get the following Error : 
   "A News (NNTP) error occurred: Unknown command" :-(

Debug mode says the unknown command is "XPAT"
<XPAT SUBJECT  1- *[Nn][Nn][Tt][Pp]* 
>500 Unknown command
>205 Always happy to serve!

What about this command ?

3/ When I select the threaded representation, I observe that links between
answers are frequently not respected.
I wonder if there is a link between this scrambled result and the Leafnode
server (?)

Many thanks.

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