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Re: [leafnode-list] Questions about N.C.newsreader working with Leafnode

o.rousseaux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> 1/ Path header
> Can I set the Path header and how ?

I do not think that Netscape offers any option to set the Path: header.
If there is no Path: header, Leafnode sets it to

Path: [your domain name]!nobody

This is a convention agreed upon in the RFCs.

> 2/ With the "Edit/Search Message" command, I get the following Error : 
>    "A News (NNTP) error occurred: Unknown command" :-(
> Debug mode says the unknown command is "XPAT"
> <XPAT SUBJECT  1- *[Nn][Nn][Tt][Pp]* 
> >500 Unknown command
> <QUIT 
> >205 Always happy to serve!
> What about this command ?

This problem is mentioned in the FAQ which should be included in any
Leafnode distribution. Otherwise, you can get it from
Leafnode 2.0 will understand the XPAT command, thanks to Andreas Ferber.

> 3/ When I select the threaded representation, I observe that links between
> answers are frequently not respected.

This is usually a problem with the References: headers in the articles
and not caused by Leafnode.


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