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Re: [leafnode-list] the owner of the files in /var/spool/news

Hi Christopher!

* unknown <chbr0032@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [000506 17:01]:
> I bought a new harddisk today and installed it. Because I wanted to
> give /var a partition, I mounted this partition in a directory, copied
> /var there (cp -R) and then changed the mountpoint for this partition

In general, it's much better to use »cp -a«.

> But: Is it OK if every file in /var/spool/news belongs to news:news?


> Are there files which must/can belong to another user?

No, all file should have news:news (at least on my machine this is it).

And, of course, if there's a »lost+found« directory, it must be owned
by user root and group root.

Cheers, Thomas
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