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[leafnode-list] (i) Connection timeout (ii) Can't access new or old groups

I am currently using leafnode-1.9.12 with tin-1.4.0.

The connection between tin and leafnode has started timing out if I don't
access leafnode within 5 (??) minutes, and this is getting irritating. Is
this timeout being done at the leafnode end? If so, can I configure
leafnode _not_ to timeout?

When new groups arrive from the upstream server (during fetchnews), or
when I try to reactivate a dormant group (which I haven't used since I
had leafnode-1.9.3), I don't get the placeholder message (for a new
group) or the existing threads (for an old group) when I attempt to
access them from tin.

To access a new group, I currently create a file manually in

I tried searching for this problem in the mailing-list archive, but found
nothing. Could somebody please tell me how to fix this (or point me to
the right place in the archive :-).

Thanks in advance,

Alan Mackenzie (Munich, Germany)

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