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Re: [leafnode-list] the owner of the files in /var/spool/news

unknown <chbr0032@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hi,
> I bought a new harddisk today and installed it. Because I wanted to
> give /var a partition, I mounted this partition in a directory, copied
> /var there (cp -R) and then changed the mountpoint for this partition
> to /var. 

Use rsync (as root, obviously) for such copy tasks. It offers atomic
writes (i. e. write to temporary file in destination directory, then
rename(2)) and copies only what's needed. rsync -a /var/spool/news
/mnt/spool/news would probably have done the job properly.

Alternatively, try find and cpio (info cpio shows a lot of examples if
you have GNU info and GNU cpio and GNU find installed) or tar:

( cd /source/dir && tar -cplf - .) | ( cd /target/dir && tar -xpvf . )

Matthias Andree

                Where do you think you're going today?

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