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[leafnode-list] Newsgroup ordering, downloading, and signals

In light of recent discussions here about the order in which groups
are downloaded, I had a quick look at the source: my reading is that
the order is defined by the order that 'readdir' returns the group
names from .../interesting.groups/ (see 'processupstream' in
fetchnews.c). Is this system dependent, or is the order specified
somewhere (its not mentioned in the Linux man pages I have)?

Related to this, someone said that changing the order wouldn't help
since fetchnews needs to run to completion for you to see news -
interrupting it loses news. Why? I haven't spent all that much time
with the source - how hard would it be to get the news just received
flushed out to disk and accessible through leafnode, even if only on a
per-group basis? Do I also remember someone saying this was on the
feature list for leafnode 2.0?

I suppose where I'm going with this is: how hard would it be to get
leafnode to abort cleanly - and not lose news - eg on receipt of a

Alternatively, as I have an ISP which charges for dial-up during
weekdays, but is free in the evenings and at weekends, is there a way
to have two lists of groups to download - one to download always,
announce newsgroups (especially my ISPs announcement group) - and one
to download only at certain times (when phone calls are free!)? Script
to regenerate the contents of .../interesting.groups/ before fetchnews
is run?



Colin Brough                               Colin.Brough@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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