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[leafnode-list] Problems to fetch news from Newsserver


I updated my Linux server from a SuSE5.3 to SuSE6.4 system using kernel
With my old system I have to install Leafnode in /usr/local/ and I used
it without any problems.

Now, Leafnode is included in the SuSE6.4 and I installed it with the
special tools of this distribution.

So only one time after installation I got a connection to the newsserver
and got news.

If I run fetchnews -vvvv -f now, I will get the follwoing messages:

Trying to connect to news.provider.de ... connected.
Disconnected from news.provider.de.

The disconnect message appears imedialtely after the "trying to connect"
The version of fetchnews is 1.9.11

My provider promised me that it is not necessary to use a
authentification via username and password.

Where could my problem be located?


Frank Wagner
Registered Linux User: 146442

Email privat: f.wagner@xxxxxxxxxxx

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