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Re: [leafnode-list] Downloading only some groups from a slow server

Georges KO wrote:

>     Being in Taiwan and wanting to read some French newsgroups (fr.*),
> I can't find a decent feed here. Many groups are missing or are badly
> fed, so my only solution is to get what I can in Taiwan (fast) and get
> some others from news servers in France. The problem is that I don't
> want to fetch everything that hasn't been fetched in Taiwan, as some
> groups are very large, so I would like to be able to control what I
> fetch (which groups).
>     Is there a way to do this?

I would simply add the French server(s) to the config file behind the
Taiwan server. When fetchnews is invoked the next time, it will retrieve
a list of all groups from the server(s) and furthermore retrieve articles
from the groups that you are already reading but which are not present
on the Taiwan server.

What fetchnews cannot do is to fetch only certain articles from groups.
You could try to employ the filterfile for that, but the selection
possibilities are (so far) fairly crude.


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