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Re: [leafnode-list] Downloading only some groups from a slow ser

On 22-May-00 otr opined:
> Georges KO wrote:
>>     That's not what I want :-). What I want is to fetch just SOME
>> groups that were not in the Taiwan servers, I don't really care if
>> there are articles missing from the Taiwanese side : I'll get them
>> later. Would putting a ! in front of the newsgroups I'm not interested
>> in in /var/spool/news/leaf.node/my.news.server be sufficient ?
>> ..................
>  It's a good idea. 
> I have a tiny patch against leafnode-1.9.13 release for what you're
> expecting.
> If you are interested (or somebody else), ask me.

Interested. Might want to see how many want it before sending to avoid
multiple mailings.

I believe the technical term is "Oops!"

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