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Re: [leafnode-list] New to leatnode, need a bit of help.

Ron 'The InSaNe One' Rosson wrote:
> Ok now that I have it compiled under FreeBSD can anyone tell me how
> would I go about setting this part up on it.
> fn:235:respawn:/usr/local/sbin/freshnews  &>/dev/null

There are a couple of very specific Linuxisms in the program as it 
stands.  Did you have any trouble getting around them? 

I haven't used BSD since about '94, so I can't give you a concise 
answer. Hang on, I'll switch on "lecture mode" and you can sleep through
the parts you don't give a smeg about.

There is a file in the /etc directory called "inittab".  Add that line to
it.  You must be root to edit the file.  After editing the file, you need 
to tell init that it has to re-read the file.  This is usually done with 
`telinit Q`, but on some systems it might be `telinit q` or `init Q`. 

`init` is a core program in the *nix way of doing things.  It runs 
deamons and makes sure they keep on running.  The content of this line 

 "fn"  -- nothing but a label.  Init uses it internally.
 "235" -- these are the "runlevels", or system states, in which you want
          freshnews to be running.  2 and 3 are the normal *nix multi-
          user and multi-uesr/networked modes.  5 is used in RedHat Linux 
          for fully graphical operation.  There is a "default" line that 
          tells you what runlevel you are using.
 "respawn" -- is an `init` keyword which tells your system that if 
          freshnews dies for any reason, it should be restarted.   
 "/usr..." -- the rest of the line is the ordinary shell command to run 
          the program.

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