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[leafnode-list] fetchnews downloads latest articles first?

For leafnode-1.9.11, fetchnews -vvv would say:

x.y: will fetch 10929 (...)
x.y: will fetch 10930

But when it actually downloads the messages, it does it in the opposite

x.y: receiving article 10930 (1 more up in the air)
x.y: receiving article 10929 (0 more up in the air)

This causes the latest messages to end up with lower (local) article
numbers than older messages, and that's how they show up in the browser

Is there a way to make fetchnews get the older articles first, up to the
newest, so that older articles will end up with a lower number than newer
articles (which is the intuitive way)?  (I see this behaviour in 1.9.14
as well.)  I couldn't find anything in the FAQ regarding this.

Thanks in advance,


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