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RE: [leafnode-list] downloading tagged articles

On 29-May-2000 holtzm@xxxxxxxxxxxx opined:
> My understanding is that leafnode can't download _only_ bodies of tagged
> articles (running delaybody=1) without downloading new headers at the
> same
> time. If there are several thousand article headers with perhaps a
> hundred 
> retrieved message bodies it becomes neccessary to check a great many
> headers to see which have bodies. You can't remember all that you've
> tagged. Also, new headers belonging to existing threads get dowloaded, so
> all headers in a thread must be checked to see which have bodies.
> If the above rant is true, is there a way around the problem, or am I
> missing something? If there isn't, is there any chance it could
> addressed in a (near) future release?

How about 'delaybody=0' as I use. Also, it's possible in some newsreaders
to delete certain messages (not expire) and go back to them later. Pan
allows this, though I decided to go with the delaybody=0 part instead, plus
run fetchnews often enough not to tie things up for long periods. Those 2
things with fairly short expiration dates keep the disk useage from getting
out of hand.

Maybe there's a better way. But this seems to work OK for me so far.

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