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[leafnode-list] Getting News-Groups from a certain Server

Hi again!

Thanks for the help with my previous question.

Now I got another (sorry guys)

I've got a few NG's I would like to fetch from a secondary server
(news.povray.org) rather than my primary server, who unfortunately
carries these groups as well (only without any postings).

Is that possible? And how?

If I understand things right a killfilter would kill all postings in a
NG's. That is the granularity of control is on the single NG but on all
servers. So that would not be an option?

Best Regards

Jan Rasmussen

PS patched against 1.9.14. Fetching all NG's anew (rm /var/spool/news
-Rvf) as we speak (or rather as I type)

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