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Re: [leafnode-list] fetchnews gets new posts "backwards"

Hi Again :-)

Cornelius Krasel wrote:
> Jan Rasmussen wrote:
> > Is this a patch against 1.9.14 or is it a general patch?
> As I said, I have not tried it. It works allegedly for 1.9.13 and
> 1.9.14. I believe it should also work for 1.9.12. If you run a
> version < 1.9.12, I would recommend an update anyway, because all
> of these versions have some bugs.

OK. I decided to scrap the 1.9.13 I had running and upgrading it to
1.9.14 just to be sure. Now it's patched and installed and although it
has run less than 24 hours and I havent had a chance to add some
heavy-load NG's yet it seems to be working :-) woohooo  :-)

Thanks :-)

Best Regards

Jan Rasmussen

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