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[leafnode-list] Fetch Problem


For some reason today, whenever I run Fetchnews I get the following error:

[root@apple /root]# fetchnews -vv
Removing stale lockfile.
1.9.14: verbosity level is 2
Trying to connect to news.supernews.com ... connected.
Getting new newsgroups from news.supernews.com
Broken pipe
[root@apple /root]#

And the log shows the following:

Jun  2 11:48:53 apple fetchnews[5333]: Removing stale lockfile: pid 5188
Jun  2 11:48:53 apple fetchnews[5333]: 1.9.14: verbosity level is 2
Jun  2 11:48:55 apple fetchnews[5333]: connected to 200
Jun  2 11:49:07 apple fetchnews[5333]: NNTP server went away

Any ideas?  Is this a problem with Leafnode, or my connection, or the server
I am connecting to?  I think I don't like is that I have four different
servers connected, and when I get this error, in will not finish.  If it is
a problem with the server, I would like to see Fetchnews continue on.

Jeff Grossman (jeff@xxxxxxxxxxx)

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