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Re: [leafnode-list] No Posting Allowed

Jeff Grossman wrote:

> I have a news server that I can access and read articles from, but I do
> not have access to post any messages to it.

Leafnode tries to find out whether a news server allows posting or not
by looking for the reply code when it connects to the server. This fails
if the server accepts posting with password only.

As Mark Brown already suggested, the easiest way to circumvent the
problem of postings appearing in failed.postings is to regularly
move them back to out.going. Fetchnews should recognize if a posting
is already available upstream and will delete these ones from

> Is there a way to set Fetchnews up to not try and post any messages to this
> server?

No, except the workaround that was also suggested by Mark Brown: calling
fetchnews -l (or fetchnews -lP) before fetchnews.


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