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Re: [leafnode-list] Getting slrn to see any groups.

On Wed, 07 Jun 2000, Gary Taylor was heard blurting out:

> Greetings,
> I am setting up Leafnode ( Leafnode NNTP Daemon, version 1.9.12 running at
> localhost.localdomain) for the first time and cannot seem to get slrn (Version: to see the groups so I can subscribe to them. I am not sure if it is slrn or Leafnode that I have misconfigured.
> I suspect Leafnode because when I go in to slrn and do an "L" , "*", I can see  the /var/spool/news directory.  But I don't see any groups.  I am able to populate a groupinfo file.  Below are some shots that I hope will be useful in getting any advice someone might have.
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> Gary
> gctaylor@remove-this eskimo.com

I have a few ideas for you to try.  ;-)

Did you start slrn with the create option?
	slrn -h localhost -create

If this does not work then for some reason you are unable to read the

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