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Re: [leafnode-list] [OT] Freshnews Update

Ron 'The InSaNe One' Rosson wrote:
> I just like to say I am enjoying the hell out of freshnews. Anyone seen

Thank you very much for writing this at this time.  I've been in the 
hospital for the last 9 days and am only able to come home and check 
email this weekend because they can't schedule any more tests until 
Monday.  Your appreciation comes when I can really use the boost. 

Yes there will be another, more portable version of freshnews.  I had 
actually started on it a couple of weeks before receiving the first 
ever feedback on the program, but the problem the doctors are looking 
for was starting to give me some days when I wasn't qualified to work 
on it.  There will be a TP1.1, just a tidier and more portable version 
of TP1, but with signaling method so users can request a timely update 
without having to be technical.  Still only for dedicated connections. 

Later, there will be a TP2, or if all goes well it will be a beta at 
that point,  which will be almost a whole new program.  It will have  
have tools to help people using diallup, with consideration for both 
Canadians who can let the modem make all the local calls it wants, 
and Italians who are charged more for local calls than we are for long 
distance.  I think I worked out a good, flexible design, but I'm not 
going to look at it now because tonight I can't even spell design. 
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