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Re: [leafnode-list] Does fetch news log each message it fetches

On 22-May-00 Cornelius Krasel wrote:
> Timothy Clarke wrote:
>> For some reason it seems like if you stop fetchnews before it's fetched
>> fetching all the articles from a group it doesn't keep it's place and
>> will reget the articles.
> This is not true. Fetchnews may only not update the .overview files.
> However, when fetching news checking is done by message id directly
> on the /var/spool/news/message.id directory ; therefore, fetchnews
> will only fetch the articles that have not been retrieved before. If
> you interrupt fetchnews in the middle of fetching an article, you may,
> however, not be able to retrieve this article fully.
> (However, if you stop fetchnews with a SIGINT signal it should even
>  update the overview files correctly.)

Call me stupid, but could somebody tell me how I would do this?

I subscribe to a couple of high-traffic newsgroups, and sometimes the
combination of my humble modem and the occasional slowness of my ISP's
newsserver, means that often I want/need to hang up before newsfetching is

On such occasions, I would like to be able to read what I have received so
far, rather than have to connect again later before the overview files will
be updated.

So, in short, what is the syntax of "stop fetchnews with a SIGINT signal"?
I presume it is some option of 'kill'? (I'm running FreeBSD if that helps)



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