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Re: [leafnode-list] Fetchnews Problem


I am always adventurous when it comes to your patches.  I will give it a go
as soon as I can.  But, it might not be until later today.  I will let you
know as soon as I have some feedback via the log files.

Would you like a debug log of 1.9.16 before I change the code, and then one
after I change the code?

Jeff Grossman (jeff@xxxxxxxxxxx)

> From: krasel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Cornelius Krasel)
> Reply-To: leafnode-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 18:50:39 +0200 (CEST)
> To: leafnode-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: [leafnode-list] Fetchnews Problem
> Jeff Grossman wrote:
>> No, 1.9.14 works fine for me.  For some reason with .16 and I think .15,
>> Leafnode would not correctly put the last message retreived.  And, for some
>> reason I was not getting all of the messages.  This only seemed to happen
>> with the Supernews server.  I have since switched back to 1.9.14 and
>> everything is working fine.
> If this is true, it is probably the getaline() patch in 1.9.15 which
> causes the trouble. If you feel adventurous (and are interested in
> helping), you might try the following version of getaline (just remove
> the old getaline() function from miscutil.c and put this one in):

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