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Re: [leafnode-list] switched upstream servers? 364840 > 364368??

Nick Zentena wrote:
>                 About every third time fetchnews runs it outputs
> something like this. When it does everything just stalls. Is there some

No, if everything stalls there is another reason.
The message "switched upstream servers? ..." is only informative.
This means that the last article already fetched (364840 in this case) is
greater than the last article available on the upstream server (364368).

Fetchnews then will try to re-fetch all articles available on the upstream
server making tests to check if the article is already present.

This can take a while depending on the amount of upstream available articles
and your maxfetch parameter setting in your configuration file.

> way to set a timeout so fetchnews will disconnect if nothing is being
> transferred? The timeout I saw in the config file only relates to
> connections. Fetchnews is connecting fine.

Hope this helps.

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