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Re: [leafnode-list] Fetchnews Problem

Cornelius Krasel wrote:
> [lots of helpful explanatory stuff about the format of the groupinfo
>  file etc...]
> I have no idea which slrn version is the most recent one, but old
> slrn's had troubles with the two leading 00's (i.e. a typical Y2K
> problem). I am quite surprised to see that the most recent slrn
> version on freshmeat is your which is from mid-1999; I have
> no idea whether this version still suffers from the Y2K problem or
> not.

Had a look at the slrn 'changes.txt' file:

> Changes since
> 1. Tweak to generation of NEWGROUPS server command to make it y2k
>    compliant.  (In my opinion, the protocol is weak in this area)

Would my understanding of the NEWGROUPS situation be that it is the
news-readers responsibility to keep track of the last time a user read
news, and from that send an appropriate NEWGROUPS command to the
server? So slrn notes somewhere the last time I read news, so it can
work out what is new. Likewise, fetchnews will note the last time it
read news from the upstream server, and send an appropriate NEWGROUPS
command to it...

(Poking around, the .jnewsrc.time file in my home directory, which is
 used by slrn, contains:
	NEWGROUPS 000824 083307 GMT
 This at Thu Aug 24 10:16:55 BST 2000.)

Summary: I now know more about what is happening when a new group
appears; if I have more instances of them continuing to be marked
"new" by slrn when they shouldn't be, I will try and gather more
helpful information about what is going on; it may well transpire that
its an slrn rather than a leafnode problem! Thanks!



Colin Brough                               Colin.Brough@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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