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[leafnode-list] editing From and Originator headers

I've looked through the archives and FAQ and can't find an answer to

My Linux box is called "foobar.local.com" and connects to the internet
over a dial-up connection.
My username on my Linux box is "ms"
My email address is "m.sammon@xxxxxxx"

I want anything I send to Usenet to identify my purely in terms of my
e-mail address at by ISP


Leafnode insists on sticking headers like this on my messages:
From: ms@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Matthew Sammon)
Originator: ms@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Matthew Sammon)

How do I edit these headers (they are not affected by the "hostname"
variable in Leafnode's config file)?


Matthew Sammon <sammonm@xxxxxx>.  CmpSci3, TCD.

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